Energy and Climate

Energy use in Wisconsin is currently environmentally and economically unsustainable. Over-reliance on fossil fuels pollutes our air and water, threatens public health, and contributes to climate change. It doesn’t help matters that we waste an awful lot of the energy we generate.

Fortunately, we have the power to change this dangerous course – if we act quickly. Wisconsin is uniquely positioned to harness homegrown, clean energy solutions that will address climate change, provide energy independence, create jobs, and strengthen the economy.

Wisconsin must commit to safely meeting the energy demands of Wisconsin citizens, while taking proactive steps to address the most pressing challenge of our time: climate change. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is supporting this goal on three fronts:

1. Supporting the safe, clean, renewable generation of energy.
2. Supporting the safe, efficient transportation of energy.
3. Supporting the conservation of energy.

Going Solar

If you’ve ever considered powering your home or business with solar, now is the time!

Solar panel installationWe are partnering with H&H Solar to make solar energy more accessible and affordable to you while benefiting the work we are doing to pass good clean energy policy. In this “group-buy” model, we’re aggregating the purchase of solar systems by supporters of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to achieve bulk savings, allowing the savings to be passed on to you…and us.


H&H has installed over 750 solar energy systems since 1999, including on the roof of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Each year these systems prevent over 4,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, equivalent to the carbon sequestration potential of 1487 acres of US Forests, or removing 378 passenger vehicles from the road. Learn more about some of their Wisconsin solar projects here.


Benefits for Individuals:

  • System cost discount for homeowners.
  • A chance to reduce environmental impacts of energy consumption.
  • Simplified process.
  • Free 1-year membership to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (offered to non-members).

Benefits for Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters:

  • Supports our mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Raises awareness of renewable energy opportunities across the state.
  • Financial support to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters from H&H Solar for each system installed, supporting our local conservation programs.


1. If you are interested in seeing if this program is right for you, please complete this assessment form.
2. H&H will conduct a free solar site assessment for members of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters and supporters who express interest.
3. Based on the site assessment, H&H provides an estimate and, if the homeowner decides to proceed, installs the system.
4. At the end of the program period, H&H provides a rebate to the homeowner and a payment to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters based on the total number and size of systems installed. The higher the participation, the higher the rebate!

The more systems installed, the larger the discount for you and the larger the benefit to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. So if you’ve ever considered powering your home or business with solar, now is the time!

A note to other solar providers: This current solar partnership is for a limited time only. If you are interested in exploring ways to work together to bring solar to more Wisconsin homes and businesses, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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